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Failing to Address the Debt is Not Sustainable

  President Trump has a golden opportunity to appeal to the fiscal hawks who were wary about how he would address the $20 trillion national debt. With large cuts to the EPA, Dept. of State, and Dept. of Labor—among other … Continue reading

CBO: Obamacare repeal will reduce deficit by $337 billion

  The Congressional Budget Office has released their long-awaited score for the American Health Care Act—the ACA replacement legislation. The 37-page cost estimate details the spending implications of enacting this legislation, a report many members of Congress had wanted to … Continue reading

Where Did the Fiscal Conservatives Go?

  Fiscal Conservatism has been the bedrock of the Republican Party for years. From Reagan to Ryan, McConnell to Cruz, Republicans have prided themselves on small government and fiscal restraint. But how true are these claims, really? Are all Republicans … Continue reading