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Happy Tax Day!

    Fortunately for the procrastinators, the deadline to file taxes is extended a couple of days. Because April 15th fell on a Saturday this year and the next business day happened to be Emancipation Day, today—April 18th—is the deadline. … Continue reading

Raising the Debt Limit Is Just a Temporary Fix

  Again and again on the campaign trail, President Donald Trump pledged that he would “drain the swamp”. He used it as a tagline alluding to how he would fix many of the problems synonymous with the federal government. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

CBO Releases 2017 Long-Term Budget Outlook

  New year, same fiscal warnings. The Congressional Budget Office has released their annual long-term budget outlook for 2017 and, likely to nobody’s surprise, the results are eerily similar to their previous predictions.   In the new report, CBO estimates … Continue reading